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Zanzibar is a tropical island located off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean. The island has become one of the most famous destinations for travelers going on off-road safaris in Kenya and Tanzania to relax during the last days of their trip. It has excellent beaches and a warm equatorial climate that can be visited all year round by tourists, but the best time is when the temperatures are moderate and it hardly rains.
The island's capital is a must-see. Stone Town, an Arab-Shwahili town built of coral stones, is also famous for its finely carved wooden doors.
Don't leave Stone Town without visiting what remains of the old slave market, a thriving industry that Zanzibar was the world capital of for centuries.
Zanzibar is the only place where the red colobus monkey lives. See these primate species up close in Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, a small patch of rainforest that once covered the archipelago.
Zanzibar is also one of the best places for water sports enthusiasts. Much of the island is surrounded by coral reefs, so diving centers and sites abound, a 28 km² atoll with a myriad of reef species off the east coast, with very clear waters and the possibility of encountering dolphins and turtles.

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