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teleworking concept

What if the world became your office? 

Launched in May 2020, Teletravel organizes your teleworking stays.

The health crisis has forced many companies to implement teleworking. After a period of adaptation, many employees have become aware of the positive effects of teleworking.  

Productivity, efficiency, freedom and above all a better balance between professional and personal life. Not to mention the hours saved in transport and the time saved on a daily basis.  

The world of work has evolved. From now on, teleworking appears to be an essential criterion in choosing a future job. It is more than necessary to recruit new talents but also to keep the best people internally.

If it is possible to telework from home, then why not do it elsewhere ?

Take the opportunity to discover another French region, spend some time in the sun in the south of Europe, learn English thanks to a stay in the United Kingdom or even experience total immersion on the other side of the world . 

Good idea ! But how to do it ?  

Organizing a trip like this sometimes requires a lot of time, research and organization... Even more so when our daily lives are already busy. 

This is where the Teletravel team comes in! 

Travel professionals for more than 7 years with the company Best Of Tours Ltd (group tour operator), we have decided to put our tourism expertise at the service of our teletravelers. 

The entire team, itself fully remote, knows perfectly the needs of a teleworker. 

On the program for our travelers:

  • Accommodation with Wi-Fi
  • Greeting on arrival
  • Private transfer to accommodation
  • On-site activities and transportation
  • List of coworking spaces
  • Custom mobile app
  • 24/7 support

We do tailor-made! 

We support all types of travelers on a daily basis: employees, freelancers or even students, couples, solo or even family for stays varying between 2 weeks and several months.

Want to get started? Don’t hesitate to send a quick email to vanessa@myteletravel.com