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I am freelance/independent

Have you developed your business? Are you now your own boss?

You are in the right place!

So the world is yours...

Your geographic freedom allows you to make the world your office.
But you already know that.

The difficulty when you are your own boss is that you don't always have the time to organize this type of stay.
Find accommodation that suits us, check the reviews, read the comments, find the best area, find out how to get to the accommodation, what activities to do there, how to get around... Far too many questions that quickly give
away headache.

Remove your mental load, and let the Teletravel team take care of everything.

In the program :

Accommodation with Wi-Fi

Greeting on arrival

Private transfer to accommodation

Tailor-made activities

On-site transportation

List of coworking spaces

Custom mobile app

24/7 support

And much more, we do tailor-made! 


So, when are you leaving? 


Want to get started? Don’t hesitate to send a quick email to vanessa@myteletravel.com