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Travel Agents

Teletravel can be the answer you have been waiting for, both for you and for your customers!

Teletravel can be the answer you’ve been waiting for, for you and for your customers.

For you:

As a Destination Management Company, we know that a tour is one of the best ways to learn about a country and its culture, but you need to stay there long enough. Teletravel can guide you during this experience.


Advantages for the company:

  • Have an employee who is able to sell products better and therefore increase the agency’s turnover
  • Increase the overall quality of the agency: better products, more qualified agents with more knowledge and a better overall service
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Offer responsible products: green, sustainable and solidarity tourism
  • Promote itself as an agency that cares about its employees, their expertise, their well-being and their personal and professional development
  • Promote itself as an agency that listens to the needs of its clients and the changes in the tourism sector


Benefits for the employee:

  • Develop their knowledge of the destination
  • Live a unique turnkey experience
  • Travel while continuing to work
  • Feel the recognition of their employer
  • Understand their usefulness to the company, see the impact of their position on the business and be even more involved in the development of the brand

For your customers:

Are you always looking for an innovative tourism product and are you aware of market developments

We offer you the opportunity to become a Teletravel distributor in your agency. You will have the opportunity to attract a new clientele, both leisure and business. We are convinced that this is a product of the future. Teleworking has already been in place for several years in many companies. Some countries were late to the game but the health crisis has accelerated the process. 

There are many advantages for both employees and companies. But not only this. This new form of tourism is going to be an important axis of development both for tourism professionals and for the territories. More precisely thanks to Teletravel, because we have focused on b, unlike our competitors.


If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please contact us at the following e-mail address: contact@therealtravel.com