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Teletravel Companies

What are the advantages for you?

You are a company director or HR manager and you are constantly looking for ideas and projects that can offer your employees a sense of well-being at work, show that you are listening to their needs and that you are willing to help them find a better work/life balance

Today, Teletravel wants to help you offer them the unique experience of #Teletravel.

What are the advantages for your company?

  • Reduced fixed costs – the office is the second largest expense for companies
  • A real advantage in terms of recruitment: better chances of attracting the most sought-after profiles
  • Employees who come back from this experience more seasoned (training, perfecting a language, discovering a market, a destination, etc.) – more efficient
  • An employee who is fulfilled in his or her work is more productive and more involved in the company’s development
  • A positive environmental impact linked to the telework link – development of the company’s brand image attentive to this subject

What are the advantages for your employees?

  • Live a unique experience thanks to your employer
  • Offer yourself the dream of a long trip without impacting your professional career or your days off
  • Develop your knowledge and skills through various learning opportunities (training, language improvement, discovery of a market, destination, etc.)
  • Feel listened to/interested in the company they work for

We would like to set up a label that rewards and highlights the companies that participate in this project. An added value in terms of communication for your recruitment but also in terms of the company’s brand image.

Discover our support for the companies:

  • Access to our packaged offers with a 10% discount
  • Assistance for all tailor-made requests
  • Access to our MyTeletravel accommodation booking space with 10% discount
  • 1 meeting free of charge with our partner law firm in employment law
  • A member of the Teletravel team at your disposal 24 hours a day
  • Access to the TELETRAVEL company label:
    • Access to MY DESK AWAY for all your employees with a 10% discount code
    • Access to Coliving offers with themes for your employees

Discover our various packages:

Why use the Teletravel?

  • Pioneers in the concept, we have acquired the precise expertise linked to this type of stay
  • Selected service providers according to the ethical charter
  • A partnership with a law firm specialising in employment law to assist you with the administrative procedures
  • Technological tools (virtual tours, drone and 360° videos) offering total transparency on the accommodation and workplace of your employee
  • Save time on the construction of telework projects abroad for your employees by trusting us
  • Promote the Teletravel brand in your communications and recruitment policies to attract new talent
  • Choose an agency that is concerned with a more respectful and sustainable tourism thanks to our permanent work with the territories.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested at the following email address: contact@therealtravel.com or by the request form.