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6 to 12 weeks abroad


Looking to innovate consistently in the Travel arena, as its 3D scans, mobile app and 360 images demonstrate, Best of Tours’ team now launched a new concept aimed at transforming the idea of travel:  The Teletravel.

Over the past few months we have been contemplating on the challenges endemic to the travel industry as it is today, namely: 

  • Tourism saturation in high season for certain destinations
  • Tourism’s environmental impact
  • Disparities in tourism revenues across geographic regions
  • The majority of trip durations usually too short to truly discover another culture

These unprecedented times have also shown us that the corporate world has been able to adapt to all necessary measures imposed by COVID-19 by changing the way it

operates, limiting its employees’ commutes and by reducing their physical presence in the office. This has forged a new collective awareness which should grow the acceptance of remote working for a lot of companies.

Teletravel offers the chance to work away from your everyday surroundings and to discover a region, a country and a culture by taking the time to understand the locals’ lifestyle, their languages and customs. 

We will take care of our travellers for a period of 1 to 12 weeks by providing them accommodation and by making sure they are set up and ready to work. All of this while immersing themselves in the local culture thanks to the assistance of our greeters. A mobile app and concierge services will be available to all customers and will offer advice on the destination.