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Occitania is a rich and varied region with cities, mountains, sea and countryside. It is the second largest region in France, with Toulouse and Montpellier being the two largest cities. Student and dynamic, they offer a range of activities to discover. It is a French region where the sun shines almost every day. The local cultures are deeply rooted in this area and are very different from one another.

Occitania is very attentive to the protection of its natural spaces, its fauna and flora. Indeed, 40% of its territory is made up ofremarkable and protected natural areas, with 7 regional nature parks and 2 national parks, 29 nature reserves, 249 Natura 2000 sites, ....
In addition, 25% of its Mediterranean coastline is owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral!

You can't visit Occitania without tasting its many wines. It is the world's leading wine region : its 80 appellations represent 36% of the volume of French wines. It is also the national leader in organic wines. Through the vineyards, it is possible to walk along the Canal du Midi, a waterway that is the emblem of this region. It crosses the whole of Occitania from Toulouse to Sète, a few kilometres from Montpellier. There are also the must-sees: the city of Carcassonne, Lourdes, the Millau viaduct, the Cathar castles, the Nîmes arenas, the Pyrenees, Collioure and the Vermeille coast, the Camargue or the Pic du Midi.

Apart from its diverse and varied landscapes, there are many elements that make this region so charming: rugby, the singing accent of the inhabitants, the many local products to discover, the village festivals and many others....


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