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I am a student

Not really telecommuting for you because you are still in school?

Ah student life... what a great time! The opportunity to make your own experiences, to get to know yourself and especially to DISCOVER THE WORLD!

Your training allows you to have your courses online? Your office, mom and dad's dining room table or your bed (yes, we know), are you ok for 5 minutes? Do you dream of other things? 

Take your computer and we'll take care of everything.

On the program:

Accommodation with Wi-Fi

Reception on arrival

Private transfer to the accommodation

Tailor-made activities

Transport on site

List of coworking spaces

Customized mobile application

24-hour assistance

And much more, we make custom-made products! 


So, when are you leaving? 


Want to get started? Don't hesitate to send an email to maeva@myteletravel.com