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I am an employer/human resource

"All my employees ask me for Teletravel".

Your employees want to travel, to live, to learn, to understand, to have fun, to discover themselves, to learn a language, to grow... And you want to give them the authorization to be able to live all this?

You've come to the right place! 

And congratulations, first of all. Thank you for thinking of their well-being. 

Thank you for being part of those companies that want to make a difference. 


Your employees want to travel and telework, but you want it to be well supervised. 

This is our business. 


As an expert agency in telecommuting stays, we accompany the employee from A to Z. 

A tailor-made stay according to his needs and your recommendations.

On the program:

Accommodation with Wi-Fi

Reception on arrival

Private transfer to the accommodation

Tailor-made activities

Transport on site

List of coworking spaces

Customized mobile application

24-hour assistance

How can we offer this opportunity to our employees? 

No financial partnerships are in place. 

This is a simple collaboration that allows you to offer our services internally as an additional benefit like vacation vouchers or cinema discounts. 

The only difference: it's even better! 

As a corporate partner, you have access to our preferential rates for your teams.

And the possibility of promoting the Teletravel on your job offers! 

Not bad, right? 

Want to get started? Don't hesitate to send an email to maeva@myteletravel.com